Supply and Removal Infrastructure

Supply and removal infrastructure are essential elements of our civilization. Throughout the world, the design and modernisation of this infrastructure poses a great challenge and is subject to constant change.

Demographic changes, urbanisation, economic growth, climate change and limited resources as well as a growing penetration of information technologies constitute the general boundary conditions. Supply and removal infrastructure, particularly for energy, water, wastewater and waste should be designed as closed-loop systems and cross-sector networks. The focus hereby lies on the design of technology as well as planning aspects (interaction of infrastructure and social-ecological systems and area-related conditions) to develop flexible, sustainable, resilient, integrated and area and demand adjusted infrastructures. They must be characterised by energy and resource efficiency, operational safety and high cost efficiency. Ecological aspects also require improved integration of technical supply and removal infrastructures into the ecosystem (e.g. good ecological condition of the water, continuity and minimum water delivery).