Car-Free City Center? Mainz Shapes Sustainable Transportation!


On Friday evening, the event “Car-Free City Center? Mainz Shapes Sustainable Transportation!” took place at the Mainz University. The event was organized in the format of a fishbowl by Johannes Gutenberg University and the Nature Youth. In addition to the traffic commissioner Janina Steinkrüger, the ADFC, and our research associate Benjamin Kraff were invited guests on the panel.

In the conducted fishbowl format, experts sit surrounded by spectators in a circle of chairs, with two chairs left empty. While it may sound unusual at first, it has two advantages. Spectators can join the discussion for a short time, and conversations take place at eye level. This allowed for a dynamic exchange with questions and comments during the event.

It was also evident once again that the topic of the mobility transition is very emotional. Yet, critical objections are as valuable as questions from interested citizens. Solutions can only be developed if those affected are willing to support and implement them together. Events like these help create acceptance and willingness to accept changes. Because the apparent problems that are often cited can be replaced by many possibilities and opportunities.