General informations about the study programme

Sustainable Urban Development

The Joint Degree Master “Sustainable Urban Development” (SUD) is a full-time two-year (4 Semesters) Master Program offered at Vietnamese-German University (VGU) and at Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa).

The M.Sc. Sustainable Urban Development program is jointly supported by the Department of Construction and Environmental Sciences at Darmstadt Technical University and Vietnamese German University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese German University (VGU).

The Technical University Darmstadt and the Vietnamese-German University jointly award the academic degree Master of Science after reaching the required sum of 120 credit points (CP).


Master of Science


4 semesters



Admission requirements

Graduates of a Bachelor's programme who are admitted to the Joint Degree Master's Programme "Sustainable Urban Development" are expected to have basic knowledge in at least two of the four areas listed below:

1. methods of urban development.

2. empirical analysis methods and statistical analysis techniques.

3. German planning, building and land law.

4. application of geoinformation systems.

The Joint Degree Master “Sustainable Urban Development” (SUD) is a full-time two-year (4-Semester) Master Program offered at Vietnamese-German University (VGU) and at Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa).


Like the topic „Sustainable Urban Development“, the program is interdisciplinary. Therefore, students will explore methods for solving the challenges of sustainable urban development with students from different disciplines and then apply them to practical examples.

The general concept of sustainable development has in the past most often been broken out into three constituent parts: environmental, economic, and sociopolitical sustainability. In the last years, more recently, it has been suggested by some researchers and institutions and at least by the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) that a more consistent analytical breakdown is to distinguish actually four parts of ecological, economic, political, and cultural sustainability.

Regarding the sustainable development of urban and rural areas, these four domains are considered as well. Sustainable urban development refers to attaining social equity and environmental protection while minimizing the costs and risks of spatial development.


Graduates from the Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) Joint Master Program will experience an international education environment in Vietnam as well as in Germany. They will get a combined Master's Degree from Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDa) and Vietnamese-German University (VGU) that meets international qualification.

The program is delivered entirely in English by dedicated and experienced lecturers from Germany and Vietnam and with a high quality curriculum. The program also has a strong connection with domestic and international research organizations and other industries in the field of urban development.

Practice-oriented and teamwork

Graduates from this course will be able to critically analyse and assess growing problems in urban areas and to develop appropriate solutions from different aspects (architectural, social, economical, ecological and institutional, etc.). They will be able to work with different teams, build up a world-wide network of professional contacts, coordinate and connect individual project elements to each other. Besides, outstanding problem and curiosity-driven research can be done by individuals and teams during or after the course with the help of the broad range of lecturers from the study program.

The graduates are qualified for a wide array of national and international positions, in business and research, in the public and private sector with the focus on urban development and urban planning, real estate industry and real estate project development as well as infrastructure planning.