Here, you will find a compilation of all information about our study courses in Environmental Engineering

You can study Environmental Engineering in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.

Am I an environmental engineer?

.. you are going to be an environmental engineer – what are you actually going to do?

Environmental engineers work at the interface between the natural and engineering sciences – this is what distinguishes them as specialists. In our cultural landscapes, buildings interact with the environment, and the environment naturally affects buildings. In order to be able to recognise and evaluate these interactions in the context of planning and conception, specialists are needed who, on the one hand, have a high level of engineering competence related to planning, dimensioning, constructing and designing and, on the other hand, are qualified to act transdisciplinarily with other fields such as the earth sciences, energy sciences, ecology, economics, architecture and law.

The special feature of the Environmental Engineering studies at the TU Darmstadt, which has been rated very highly in rankings for years, is that the courses offer a portfolio of topics that is oriented towards current and future professional market requirements. Great importance is attached to a broad scientific and engineering basis, from which environment specific topics and the associated practice-relevant methods and processes are developed. Darmstadt’s environmental engineers are characterised by a particularly good engineering background. In addition, the course of study is coined by innovative forms of learning that include a high degree of practical relevance with authentic applications. Due to the central location of TU Darmstadt, the students have access to a number of industry partners, which offers particularly good opportunities for final theses or for starting a career.

In the two courses of study Bachelor of Science Environmental Engineering and Master of Science Environmental Engineering you will receive a well-founded and at the same time broad and versatile academic education. After your successful graduation, a variety of fields of activity are open to you, which we would like to outline briefly.

First of all, a few remarks on the career prospects:

  • There is already an acute shortage of graduates in engineering fields on the German labour market.
  • The number of first-year students is insufficient to serve the expanded professional field in the future with well-trained experts at home and abroad.
  • Due to national and international political developments in recent years, the demand for environmental engineers will continue to rise in the future.