Online form to excuse
from a registered examination and thesis

You can use this form to submit a certificate of incapacity online to be excused from a registered exam due to illness.

Proceed as follows and observe the following instructions:

  • Fill out the following form fields completely. (If you log in with your TU-ID on our site, the fields “Last name”, “First name” and “Email” will be filled in automatically).
  • If you want to call in sick both for exam(s) and for a thesis, please send the form twice.
  • If the certificate covers a period in which you want to withdraw from several examinations due to illness, enter all examinations concerned.
  • Be sure to include a scan of the certificate (See the general rules on medical certificate)
  • Keep the certificate (original) until you have received your final documents, but for at least three years in case there would be any queries or we need to check the conformity of the copy with the original.
  • You will receive a system message after submitting the form. If it is not possible to send the form or if you do not receive a confirmation, please send the certificate with the data requested in the form by post to the department's Office for Student Affairs without delay. We recommend that you send the form as a “registered letter (Einschreiben)” so that you can show proof if necessary.
  • According to §15 (2) APB, the certificate must be submitted within three calendar days.
  • You can view the recognition of the certificates after an appropriate processing time in your TUCaN account under Examinations. If a certificate is not recognised, you will be informed by email.