Tips and information from the Office for Student Affairs

The Office for Student Affairs is available to all students and staff for questions concerning teaching and the organisation of examinations. In the following we have compiled the most important information on frequently asked topics.

If you have any further questions, please contact us – the best way is via our contact form .

Lecture about the organisation of the study during the O-week

In our introductory events, we provide information about organizational questions regarding the study program and give a first orientation in TUCaN.

Orientation M.Sc. BI-CE + UI (opens in new tab) SoSe 24

Orientation B.Sc. WiSe (opens in new tab) 23/24

Orientation M.Sc. WiSe (opens in new tab) 23/24

Further information…

In order not to miss important dates and deadlines, we strongly recommend to regularly check your TUCaN account for new messages. You can also have TUCaN messages forwarded to your e-mail address! You will find information on how to do this here.

The most important points:

  • Modules of the general compulsory and elective section can be completed without an examination schedule.
  • The student is required to submit a signed examination schedule (form under Downloads on the website of the Office for Student Affairs ) with the profile selection or the study focus/study focus combination prior to registering for modules/examinations in the elective section.
  • Deadlines: The examination schedule must be submitted to the Student Office in the summer semester by 15 May, November 7 for a winter semester
  • Please observe the Regulations for exchanging modules (this must always be reported).

The lists of examination dates and registration deadlines can be found in the menu Deadlines and dates .

All examinations offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (including those with individual examination dates) will be registered during the same registration period (usually 15 Nov – 15 Dec in the WiSe and 01 Jun – 30 Jun in the SoSe) by the students in TUCaN.

The exact dates of the examinations marked “individual examination date” are communicated by the examiners to the Office for Student Affairs by e-mail to in a timely manner, but not later than 31 Jan in the WiSe and 1 Jul in the SoSe). (Note: At least 10 days must elapse between registration with the Office for Student Affairs and the examination date in order to be able to register in TUCaN and at the same time guarantee the student's withdrawal period). If there are several examination days, the examiners must also report the assignment of the candidates to the respective examination date to the Office for Student Affairs.

Examinations which fall within the lecture period are special examination dates, which have to be applied for in writing at the Office for Student Affairs by the student with a notice period of 4 weeks in consultation with the examiners and have to be approved by the chairman of the examination board.

For all students who have failed a repeat examination, § 31 paragraph 1 APB provides the possibility to take a second repeat examination in each subject examination.

According to § 31 paragraph 3 APB, a second repeat examination should be preceded by a study consultation in the department. If the student would like to have such a counselling interview in addition to the Information event (automatic invitation by the Office for Student Affairs) they can contact their respective mentor.

At TU Darmstadt, procedural rules apply for the withdrawal from examinations. This will ensure that the same rules apply to all students and that the decision to withdraw due to illness can be made on a better basis.

In order to withdraw from an examination in due form and time in case of illness, a certificate of incapacity for work must be submitted to the responsible study office no later than 3 calendar days from the day of the examination. Please use our online form for sickness notification and read the instructions carefully.

According to §32 General Examination Regulations (APB), (opens in new tab) an oral supplementary examination (mEP) can be taken once per degree programme upon application after a failed second written repeat examination. Please inform yourself on the central TU pages about the process of the mEP and contact the Office of Student Affairs immediately to clarify the further procedure. If no application is received by the Office of Student Affairs within the application deadline (one month after grade publication in TUCaN), the subject examination is handled as failed.

Office hours in the Office for Student Affairs

In the FAQ about TUCaN you will find the answers to the most important questions concerning the organisation of your studies.

Further information is available during office hours at the Office for Student Affairs .

Office for Student Affairs mailbox

In front of the Office for Student Affairs (in the entrance hall on the 1st floor next to the entrance to the side wing) there is the Office for Student Affairs mailbox, which is emptied daily. Here you can also submit completed forms/applications etc. outside office hours.

Please always make sure to include your name and matriculation number and do not forget your signature (if required)!

Admission/Application for studies

Information on application and admission can be found here on the main pages of the TU.

Student advisory service

If you would like to find out about the study possibilities at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering before you start your studies, please contact the Student Advisory Service directly.

Compensation for disadvantages and family support according to § 24 APB (opens in new tab) is an instrument to create equal opportunities. The ombudsperson decides whether disadvantage compensation can be granted, the examination board decides for how long, and the examiners decide on the design of the disadvantage compensation.

Please submit the informal application together with a medical certificate to the study office . Students will receive a certificate which can be presented to each examiner in good time before the examination (at least two weeks before) in order to coordinate the performance.

As an enrolled student you can of course also contact the student advisory service. In addition, you will be assigned a personal mentor who will guide you through your studies. You can view the mentor assignment here . If you have any questions, please contact the Office for Student Affairs .

The mentor assignment can be obtained at any time from the Office for Student Affairs.


To extend the submission deadline of the Bachelor's internship, please submit an official request via the contact form of the Office for Student Affairs .

For the recognition of an internship and for all questions regarding internships, please contact the internship office responsible for your study programme:

On the FAQ page of the Student Advisory Service you will find answers to frequently asked questions about studying, changing degree programmes, applying, and much more.

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