Double Degree Universidade de São Paulo, Brasilien

Awarded degree: Engenheiro

Language of instruction: English and Portuguese

Number of students to be admitted to the EPUSP: For each academic year a new agreement between the two universities

Application documents (deadline ends on Nov. 30th)

Students are selected at the home university according to their level of motivation and language skills. In addition, the student will be interviewed by a professor of the selection committee. Nominated DD students will be informed accordingly.

The home university informs the partner university about the selected students, stating their name and the documents mentioned above.

The partner university examines the applications according to its usual practice for the admission of double degree students. It may be that the student is interviewed by professors of the respective departments.

No tuition fees are charged at the partner university. You are kindly requested to check the website of the partner university for detailed information for double degree students.

Students must pay their own travel costs to the host country, including accommodation, living expenses, books, transport and health insurance.

Double Degree students can be accommodated in student residences or equivalent accommodation.

Both universities, TU Darmstadt and EPUSP agree to do their utmost to find financial support for exchange students within the framework of this programme through national and international funding agencies or other financial support possibilities available for this purpose.

It is expected that the laws and customs of the host country and the rules and regulations of the partner university are respected. Students who violate the rules of the partner university or do not achieve sufficient academic performance may be expelled from the university. Before possible disciplinary measures are taken, contact is made with the home university at an early stage in order to find solutions together.

The curriculum must be entered into a Learning Agreement, signed by the partner university and accepted by the home university. A Master's thesis must be written, the topic must be accepted by both universities in advance. This must be preceded by a short report, preferably in English, containing the plan, feasibility, implementation and assessments. This will be followed by an oral presentation at the home university. Voluntary presentations can also be held at both universities. The Master's thesis must be supervised by professors from both universities. For this purpose, a topic should be chosen that forms a field of research at both universities. The master thesis must be written in English. After all required study courses have been successfully completed, the degree Master of Science of TU Darmstadt and the degree Diploma de Engenheiro of EPUSP will be awarded.

Checking the academic performance

At the end of each academic year, the host institution presents a certificate showing all the course grades achieved by the students. According to the Learning Agreement, both universities agree that the examinations and courses will be credited in accordance with local regulations and laws.