Dual Master Degree Program KU Leuven, Belgien

Application documents (deadline ends on Nov. 30th)

  • Application in the last year of the Bachelor
  • After nomination by the home university, students must Apply to the International Office of the K.U. Leuven. The closing date for applications is March 1st. (previous academic year before the start of the Dual Degree).
  • Proof of 60 ECTS in the first Master's year at the home university.
  • No tuition fees are charged, at most minor administrative costs for registration at the partner university
  • During their stay at the partner university, students must continue to be enrolled at their home university and pay the semester fees. They are exempted from the semester fees of the partner university.
  • All travel costs to the host country including accommodation, living expenses, books, possible costs for the student union etc. must be paid by the student themselves.
  • The student is responsible for a valid health insurance for the entire period at the partner university.
  • The partner university will assist in the search for suitable accommodation.
  • Students must provide the Administrator of the Faculty of Engineering and the International Office with a transcript of their registration at the beginning of the academic year in October.
  • The language of instruction is mainly English.

Dual Master Programme (120 ECTS). The aim is to ensure that the duration of studies at each university is about the same.

The timetable must be entered in a Learning Agreement and signed by both universities. Changes to the Learning Agreement are possible, but must be confirmed in writing by both universities.

The final thesis will be supervised by members of the faculty of both the home and the host university and should comply with the rules and regulations of both universities. The topic of the thesis must be confirmed in writing by a member of the faculty of both universities. Normally, the final thesis is carried out at the host university, but exceptions are possible by arrangement. The results of the work must be written in English. At each of the two universities 60 ECTS must be taken. A joint degree certificate of both universities is awarded.

At the end of each academic year, the host institution presents a certificate showing all the course grades achieved by the students. According to the Learning Agreement, both universities agree that the examinations and courses will be credited in accordance with local regulations and laws.