Research project SCOPE
Project name Semantic Construction Project Engineering
Acronym SCOPE
Coordinator Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
Project partner
Duration June 2018 – Nov 2021
Grantor BMWi under Project Management Jülich (PTJ)
Project content Within the research project SCOPE (Semantic Construction Project Engineering) approaches that relate to the product and building life cycle are developed. At the center of these approaches stands an application-independent data management, which will facilitate collaboration between different project partners using different software applications. In order to achieve this, schematics for the description of product and project data as well as concepts for a decentralized data management (e. g. for a product catalogue) are developed. To ensure data security, said data will be provided with an access rights management system, and interfaces for secure data exchange are defined. To allow an easy integration of the product and building model into existing software, preprocessing routines are designed to reduce information and transform data. These should have a modular structure to allow a high re-usability and a wide field of application. The developed methods and concepts are implemented demonstratively and used in example projects. Findings on possibilities for improvement identified from these test runs will be taken into account in the course of the project within iterative steps for the further development of the methods.