Research project InnovaConcrete
Acronym InnovaConcrete
Project name Innovative Materials and Techniques for the Conservation of the 20th Century Concrete-based Cultural Heritage
Coordinator TU Darmstadt, Institute of Construction and Building Materials
Project partner
Duration 01. January 2018 – 31. December 2020
Grantor German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project content InnovaConcrete is an innovative and ambitious project that aims at preserving concrete-based momuments, the most significant, tangible, Cultural Heritage (CH) in the 20th Century.
To achieve this goal, we have recruited an interdisciplinary team presenting a strong scientific background in simulation techniques and nanomaterials synthesis, combined with a wide knowledge of CH conservation from Social Sciences & Humanities disciplines and with a sound industrial perspective.
Specifically, a completely innovative approach will be developed based on producing, by impregnation treatments, C-S-H gel, responsible for the engineering properties of cement paste in cracks of decayed concrete monuments, in situ.
Complementary, multifunctional treatments combining C-S-H production with additional performances (superhydrophobicity and corrosion inhibition) will also be investigated. In addition, cementitious coatings functionalized with inorganic nanotubes will be validated and their performance compared with those corresponding to the impregnation treatments.
Finally, InnovaConcrete will explore a biotechnology based approach: enzyme-assisted self-healing of damaged surfaces.