Research project Disruption-Management
Project name Disruption-Management
Acronym SFM
Project partner
Duration 32 months
Project content Railway operations are influenced by many different factors. This circumstance leads to various causes of malfunctions, and these to ever new operating situations, which the dispatchers have to master. Disruption programs (DRPs) facilitate the decision-making in the event of a breakdown as they clearly define which measures must be put forward in the event of disruption-related line closures (e.g. where and which lines should be early turned and which lines or trains should be canceled). As a planned disruption management approach, the use of DRPs is divided between a development and a deployment phase. Each of these phases is also projected into operational and transport concepts.
The overall goal of the DRM project is to derive prototypical approaches for the development of operational and transport concepts. In addition, the project foresees the development of methods for implementing the operating concepts and conduct their possible adaptation to the actual operating situation at the time of their use.