Research project WaReIp
Project name Water-Reuse in Industrieparks
Acronym WaReIp
Project partner
Duration 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2020
Grantor Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project content The joint project WaReIp is a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the funding measure “Future-oriented technologies and concepts for increasing water availability through water reuse and desalination” (WAVE).
The research group is planning a sustainable and economically feasible treatment and recycling of wastewater streams in industrial parks. Industrial parks usually rely on the availability of water and therefore – especially in times of climate change, shortage of resources and the increasing importance of environmentalism – it is crucial to ensure a sustainable water supply. With the aid of integrated water management, the demand for drinking water and ground water can be reduced, raw materials retrieved from the wastewater and as a result costs can be reduced.