Ressourceneffiziente Sandwichelemente durch zerstörungsfreies Monitoring für den Leichtbau

Research project : ReSaMon

Project name Resource-efficient sandwich panels through non-destructive monitoring for lightweight construction
Acronym ReSaMon
Project partner
Grantor Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Duration 10/01/2021 – 09/30/2024 (36 months)
Project content
Sandwich panels are especially used in industrial construction for the cladding of roof and wall surfaces. The panels consist of two thin outer facings made of steel and a core with thermal insulating properties. The production of the panels is performed using a continuous production process. During this process, various defects can occur that are not visible in the outside of the finished elements. In the mounted state and at high temperatures on the outside of the panels, these can lead to structural damages to the components.

As part of this interdisciplinary research project, in which a consortium of seven partners is collaborating, a non-contact ultrasonic measurement technique for the detection of production-related defects will be developed and set up. This enables production processes to be optimized and offers significant potential for saving resources, as more than 20 million square meters of sandwich panels are produced annually in Germany alone. In addition, the realization of a digital twin is intended to record the product properties of the sandwich panel over part of its service life. In this way, correlations of process and material parameters can be identified and the change in material parameters over time can be analyzed. In the long term, this can lead to a more economical dimensioning of the panels.