Innovative recycling of building materials

Research project : WieBauin

Project name Innovative recycling of building materials
Acronym WieBauin
Project partner
Duration 2018 – 2021 (Phase 1) 2021 – 2023 (Phase 2)
Grantor Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding initiative: Stadt-Land-Plus – 033L209
Project content Motivation
Cities and rural areas are closely linked within the construction sector. The building materials needed in urban
areas are often obtained from the surrounding countryside.
At the same time, waste is dumped into the landfills of the rural areas. These two factors lead to the consumption of natural resources in rural areas. A sustainable balance is missing.
Goals and approach
WieBauin aims to reduce the use of land and raw material resources in the construction sector by reusing components and recycling building materials. Value chains from the owners of buildings, which are ready for demolition, to the users of the building components and materials obtained during demolition are developed. A mutual economic and ecological advantage is created in the process. A building and materials cadastre will be established and opportunities for village and urban development will be opened up through central development areas.
Expected results and transfer
The results of WieBauin will range from instructions on how to address owners, to the development of a building and material cadastre as well as a material flow model for reducing the consumption of resources. Transferable busines