Research Project ELISA
Project name Electrified, Innovative Heavy Traffic on Highways
Acronym ELISA
Coordinator Hessen Mobil – Road and traffic management
Project partner
Duration 2017 – 2025
Grantor Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BMUB)
Project content Against the background of the necessary reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from road freight transport on the one hand, and the advanced technological maturity of the eHighway system on the other, the ELISA project has come into being. ELISA is characterized, among other things, by a holistic, interdisciplinary evaluation approach of the eHighway system in interaction with its system environment. The necessary foundation for this is provided by a field test in which a section of the A5 federal highway is equipped with an overhead contact line in order to test realistic, electric operation of overhead hybrid trucks in an existing traffic system and to gain important insights for a later system expansion. The ELISA project, in line with the electromobility agendas of the federal government and the state of Hesse, is thus making a significant contribution to the overarching goal of society as a whole to have ready-to-use and reliable electrification options available for all modes of transport or transport profiles within the next few years.