The missing link: quantifying the role of microstructure to improve mechanical modeling of weak snow layers

Research project : BenchPub

Project name Publishing Dataset Guideline: gaps and trends in research data management in the ISPRS community
Acronym BenchPub
Project partner
Grantor ISPRS society
Duration February 2023 until January 2024
Project content The availability of data is becoming more and more important in many fields of research, however freely available and easy to find datasets are still scarce. This creates the need for a common dataset publication principle to improve interoperability and reusability. The FAIR principle is able to help with these goals, as well as enables better searching and easier access for scientific data. In summary, we are developing a guideline based on the aforementioned FAIR principle to help with the publication of new datasets and standardize the processes. These processes include the selection of metadata, e.g. keywords, which are applied to newly released datasets, but can be adapted for older datasets as well, and the selection of a suitable dataset repository. Therefore it is our goal to analyze the current metadata used in the ISPRS community and create a metadata scheme based on these findings. In addition, we aim to determine a suitable dataset repository for the specific use-case of datasets for the photogrammetry and remote sensing domain. Ultimately it is our goal to provide the tools to make publishing as easy and uniformly as possible and by that also improve the discoverability of useful datasets for the ISPRS community.